Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Quick Twitter Links

Hi guys, here are some quick starting points for exploring Twitter:

We Follow: Librarians
We Follow is an index of Twitter users. Users can add themselves, along with up to five keywords that sum up their interests. Other users can then search for those keywords and see a listing of Twitter accounts, ranked by either "most influential" or "most followers."

Some folks I follow:

At Your Library: The ALA's public awareness account centers around promoting "the value of libraries and librarians." Good for news & links to recent articles & other resources.

ALA Library: The ALA's Library account, which works as sort of a reference desk for questions on libraries and librarianship. Another great source of interesting essays and articles, as well as librarian blogs.

Geek the Library: A good source for articles and essays looking at specific libraries & the issues they face, as well as challenges facing libraries in general.

One thing you might notice looking through these links is how much blogs and twitter have become intertwined, and how all sorts of social media enable ideas and information to be shared quickly throughout the profession.

- Nora


  1. Wow ... I take it that you're a big fan of Twitter. I suppose this means you'll want to focus your part of our PowerPoint presentation on Twitter?

    - Caroline Han

  2. I'd be happy to do that (I think I volunteered to tackle it for the presentation at some point). But I'm happy to present on whatever works best for the team!