Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hi all! So, I'm still unsure of how we're supposed to incorporate our usage of this blog into our paper/presentation?

I do like Nora's idea of also creating a Twitter account so we can maybe compare the two? Possibly in ease of use? I don't know. It may cause too much of an overload with two sources to read from, etc. I'm still kind of at a loss as to how we're going to structure this paper/presentation. I think we still haven't decided on a focus for our project. Let's try to whittle it down to what we want to focus this on.

As Nora said, the due date is only 3 weeks away. Eek!


P.S. Sorry I haven't been able to provide many ideas about this whole thing. Work has gotten me quite stressed out!


  1. I figured that at the end of our (proposed) 4-part PowerPoint presentation, we can display our blog (using one of Elluminate's features) as an actual example of how blogs are becoming more widely used.

    - Caroline

    P. S.: I understand. Having term papers and projects from two other classes breathing down my back can be quite stressful!

  2. Also, due to time constraints, we may just want to focus on blogs. Just a thought.

    - Caroline

  3. I'd be happy to volunteer for the Twitter portion. I've become a bit of an addict!