Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recap: Presentation Ideas

For the sake of reference, I am re-posting what I communicated via e-mail in regards to presentation ideas:

1.) Create four short PowerPoint presentations (1 per member):
  • Examples of successful (and not so successful) real-life library blogs
  • Dos and Don'ts of creating a blog for your library
  • Compare and contrast various blog platforms (Blogger vs. LiveJournal vs. WordPress): which one is best for which library type?
  • Compare blogging vs. micro-blogging: which is better for a library?

2.) Create one long PowerPoint presentation (all 4 members participate):
  • One person can supply references and images
  • One person can create the outline
  • One person can turn the outline into a PowerPoint file
  • One person can edit the PowerPoint file
In addition here are ideas from Stephanie:
  • History of blogs/micro-blogs
  • Examples of our own blog
  • Speculations for the future of blogging in the e-library
I'm partial to #1 (and would like to take #3 of #1, were we to use that idea). What do you think?

- Caroline

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