Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blogging and Microblogging Outline

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Once again, I apologize for missing today's meeting. Please let me know if I've overlapped any of your presentations here, and I'll have the finished version ready Wednesday.




Thinking about Twitter in the Context of Blogging

Twitter augments an ongoing Social Media presence, rather than replacing blogs and blogging.


* allows for in-depth thought and synthesis of ideas
* provides a repository of information
* reflects the evolution of an organization's policies and ideas
* provides the opportunity to access and respond to others' thoughts

Microblogging (Twitter):

* provides real-time updates on breaking news
* allows for more informal community interaction and rapid exchange of info & ideas
* publicizes and draws attention to blog posts, including 'what I'm reading' updates
* allows glimpses into the day-to-day life of the library, an "ambient awareness" of the library's doings.

Types of Tweets (online tour):

1. Type one: Publicity:
Announce an upcoming event (
Real-time updates of ongoing evens (Twitpic) (

2. Community dialogue
Draw attention to blog posts (own and others') ( (
Contribute to ongoing discussions
Re-tweeting (

3. Ambient Awareness
Provide glimpses into library work (
Chronicle decisions, real-world community interactions (

Quick take on Twitter do's and dont's

1. Avoiding Inane Tweeting.
Knowing when to self-censor.
2. Maintaining a professional appearance
Don't get drawn in to unprofessional discussions/arguments
Maintain patron confidentiality

1. Create and maintain professional contacts
Respond, re-tweet, engage
2. Stay engaged, update frequently
3. Keep abreast of community discussions
Utilizing Twitter Lists


  1. Sadly, since my section is basically about blogging dos and don'ts, there is quite some overlap between my section and your "Quick take on Twitter do's and don'ts."

    - Caroline Han

  2. I don't mind the overlap of the do's and don'ts, but that's just me. Great job Nora! Looking forward to our group run through on wednesday!